Friday, April 9, 2010

Is this YOUR first adjustment?!?

Yesterday, I went to North Shore University Hospital to get my first adjustment. It's also called a "fill". It's when a physician injects sterile saline solution into the Lap-Band to provide more restriction via the access port, and it's done under a fluoroscope.

When I got under the machine, one of the techs walks up to me, looks down and says, "Now, I understand this is your first adjustment?" I replied, "Yes. Is this YOUR first adjustment?!? I hope not." Everyone in the room started cracking up. Now, granted, I am not exactly the world's best patient, but this particular procedure was pretty painless, and I didn't raise much of a fuss. Unlike in February, when I had my surgery (I had a couple of the residents quaking in their Crocs back then). Now, I'm on clear liquids and protein shakes for two days. Fun, fun, fun.

I feel like I am building endurance during my workouts, which is kind of exciting to observe. I still jog pretty slowly, but I figure that my speed will improve as I lose more weight and my fitness level improves. Gotta start somewhere, right?

Meanwhile, I certainly enjoyed the two day heatwave we had here in the Northeast. Eighty degree weather in April. Sheesh. Today it's back in the 60's, but cloudy and drizzling. More suitable for April, I would say.

Enjoy the weekend, and when you are savoring your solid food today, remember me...

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