Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What Is Hip?!?

For the past week or so, my right hip has been giving me trouble. Ironically, it feels better when I jog or walk than it does after I've been sitting at a desk or watching TV. Nevertheless, I have opted to give myself two days rest to see if the pain clears up. I've only had one rest day (today), and I already miss it. I saw a jogger on the road when I was driving back from court, and I practically started drooling. So that confirms that I really am addicted.

I ordered my Road ID bracelet, and it should be here any day now. It is an awesome safety item that allows emergency first responders to get access to your medical information if something happens to you on the road. It's a must for joggers and cyclists. When it comes in the mail, I'll post a picture of it. Be well, and never quit!!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A Very Happy Birthday Girl!

Today is my 39th birthday. It is the happiest birthday I've had in recent memory. I stepped on the scale this morning, and I am down 93 pounds. I ran my first 5K race this past Saturday, and I was able to jog the whole way, which was my goal. It was really hot and humid at MacArthur Airport that day, which was quite a departure from the breezy 6am training runs I do along the Long Island Sound. I took it really slow, so I was less than thrilled with my time. I finished in 53:18, which is slower than my training times. But, it gives me something to beat in my next 5K, which is on June 27th. Each pound I lose makes jogging that much easier, so when I reach goal, I will hopefully be very fast! I see the excess poundage as speed training in disguise ;)

I also registered for the Great Cow Harbor 10K Race in Northport in late September. I am following my training program, so hopefully I will be ready.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Countdown to 5K #1....Woo Hoo!!!!

Well, I finished the C25K program, and I'm still jogging! This morning I did 3 miles, and did 3.5 on Saturday. On July 19th, I start my half marathon training program. My first 5k race is this Saturday, and I
so excited!!! I'm still a slow jogger, but I definitely can do a 5k on a flat course. It should be fun! This could be the start of a very interesting new hobby: racer. Even if I finish last, I'll be thrilled that I finished. :)