Saturday, May 22, 2010

Getting Ready To Graduate

This Thursday, I will complete the C25K program. I'm so excited! I plan on moving on to other training programs, but this was my very first one, and I am feeling sentimental. I will make a point of savoring every moment of the final two runs. I feel like I have come so far, and I have far to go, as well. It's all part of the process, and it's all wonderful.

I am learning to incorporate more flexibility into my diet. I realize that I am able to have small portions of certain foods when I am out socializing with friends, and it doesn't throw me off course. This new lifestyle with a Lap-Band is totally doable, and I don't need to make myself into a social outcast.

Ah well, off to bed for me. I am going for a long bike ride in the morning. :)

Friday, May 14, 2010

To 'Tri' or not to 'Tri'

I completed Week 7 of C25K yesterday. I would like to be faster, but I'm very happy with my endurance level. I figure I will get faster with each pound I lose. I jogged outside for the first time, and it felt so good. It's nice waving to other joggers and cyclists. It makes the treadmill feel like detention. LOL

So this summer looks to be more active than any in recent memory. 5K races, biking on trails, trips to the beach. It should be fun! I'm thinking about signing up for a sprint triathlon in September. I know I'm not ready for it now, and I would need to do some intense training over the summer to get ready. Even then, I'd probably come in last. But part of me really wants to do it. I'm going to mull it over for a few weeks...

I met my weight loss goal for the Mother's Day challenge. Now I'm on to the July 4th challenge. My goal is 25 lbs in eight weeks. I need to bump up the workouts and add more protein shakes to my diet to keep the weight loss momentum.

I feel really good about the progress I am making. I went "closet shopping" at my Mom's house and found jeans I havent been able to wear in at least 5 years. Now they fit me. Also, I found this Navy Blue suit I bought at Dress Barn many, many moons ago that I could never fit into. It still has the store tags on the sleeve. LOL. Well, I tried it on, and it is only slightly snug now. I couldn't believe it! Two more weeks, and I'm wearing that baby! At the very least, I'm wearing it to Mel's wedding on 6/26. Seeing progress makes me sooo happy. I read somewhere that weight loss is a byproduct of fitness. I really believe that. The Lap-Band helps me control my portions, but everything else is up to me, so I'm becoming a workout junkie! It's actually fun.

Well, that's it for now. Be well!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Newfound Passion

OK, so I've noticed that most of my blog entries pertain more to my C25K adventures than they do to my Lap-Band surgery. I think that is because the Band is working the way it is supposed to. Most of the time, I forget I even have it. My new eating patterns have become habitual, and are now second nature. At my doctor's appointment this week, my surgeon was very pleased with my progress; he basically said, "keep up the good work, see you in six weeks." No news is good news, and thus nothing to blog about.

So, what is there to write about? My newfound passion. I love a good sweaty jog in the morning. I never, ever thought I would say that. But it is so true. Once you build a little endurance, which surprisingly doesn't take long, jogging feels great. My breathing is easier, and it feels good to work my legs. Finishing jogging feels even better. Like I'm on top of the world. Very easy to get hooked.

I've planned out a very challenging summer for myself. First, I am doing four 5K races. One walking, three running. I want to do a sprint triathlon in August, the Westchester Half Marathon in October, and the Disney Marathon in January. That means I have a very tight training schedule. Fortunately, I love training schedules. They represent order and structure to me. It's oddly comforting knowing how much and when workouts are going to be for the next 5 months. Even though those five months are going to kick my ass. LOL. I decided to go with Hal Higdon's Novice Marathon Training schedule. Right now, it looks pretty intimidating. But the C25K schedule looked impossible at first, too. But, I'm doing it. So here's to getting it done, and to having an awesome summer!