Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A Very Happy Birthday Girl!

Today is my 39th birthday. It is the happiest birthday I've had in recent memory. I stepped on the scale this morning, and I am down 93 pounds. I ran my first 5K race this past Saturday, and I was able to jog the whole way, which was my goal. It was really hot and humid at MacArthur Airport that day, which was quite a departure from the breezy 6am training runs I do along the Long Island Sound. I took it really slow, so I was less than thrilled with my time. I finished in 53:18, which is slower than my training times. But, it gives me something to beat in my next 5K, which is on June 27th. Each pound I lose makes jogging that much easier, so when I reach goal, I will hopefully be very fast! I see the excess poundage as speed training in disguise ;)

I also registered for the Great Cow Harbor 10K Race in Northport in late September. I am following my training program, so hopefully I will be ready.

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